Ayurveda Martha's Vineyard

  women's wellness treatment services

Detox five session Package Specials

these packages are designed to give you the most benefical care of your lymph system.

  • mix and match: select combo of five  60 min. treatments $550 (includes vishesh, abhyanga, marma)

  • Deluxe Detox: garshana abhyanga, vishesh, SAN, facial treatment & marma therapy $675

  •  Bliss & Relax: three garshana abhyanga and two marma therapy treatments $720

Traditional Treatment Services

please note: session times do include inital intake and relaxation time after treatment service.


a traditional full-body warm oil massage benefical to the nourishment of joints and muscles which balances and rejuvenates energy ~ Slow, rhythmic strokes help to restore the flow of prana, deeply relaxing the nervous system while gently stimulating arterial & lymphatic circulation. The desired result is a heightened state of awareness, deep relaxation & calm.   

60 minute session  $120   package of five sessions: $600

full body raw silk glove exfoliation can be added as a pre-treatment for $40


Vishesh is a vigorous, rhythmic treatment using herbal oils specific to your current imbalances, works to break up adhesions, stimulating lymphatic flow, guiding impurities out of the body. Warm herbal oils help to flush out toxins, leaving a radiant glow and lightness. 

60 min. session  $120    package of five sessions: $600

full body raw silk glove exfoliation can be added as a pre-treatment for $40

Marma Balancing treatment

Marma point therapy Focuses on opening & balancing energy flow according to the Indian energy system similar to acupressure points. these points are stimulated with warm herbal oils using circular motions with the lightest ethereal touch.  mantra + meditation sound therapy help to soothe & release. very refreshing.

60 min. session  $120   package of five sessions $600

ayurveda facial treatment

A luscious traditional, detox facial oil and masks are applied using traditional massage techniques. while the mask dries, arm/hand & leg/foot massage is given to relax the body. A final facial oil is applied and a marma point balancing is given to the face, neck, head & crown chakra activating rejuvenation & a radiant glow.  

50 min. session  $140   package of five sessions $700

                                            - inquire about add-ons, many to chose from.                                       


garshana abhyanga 

garshana is a full body dry brushing exfoliation using traditional raw silk treatment gloves, which help to alkaline the skin dermis, increasing circulation & lymph flow while cleansing the skin pores. followed by a full body warm oil abhyanga treatment-this is by far my favorite treatment to receive and give.  

75 min. session  $160   package of five sessions: $800

SAN-Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment

Shiro-abhyanga-nasya treatment begins with herbal oil nose drops, known as nasya oil, followed by a facial lymphatic treatment and full body abhyanga ending with a deep inhalation of aromatic steam. This treatment is designed to help clear impurities from the head area, opening the sinuses and stimulating proper flow. It works on all the senses & creates wonderful opening.  

70 min. session   $160   package of five sessions $800

pinda sweda - herbal poultice

This deeply warming & relaxing treatment uses warmed poultices that are applied to the body, relieving tissue inflammation,sore joints, muscles & congestion of the lymphatic system.  A full body oil treatment is followed by administration of poultices in a rhythmic sequence with a foot and hand warm towel compress.

50 min. session $175    Five session package $875